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Major Prep Apparel, established in 2012, is a luxury athleisure brand renowned for its high-quality, stylish sportswear. With over 100 partnerships, Major Prep has established itself as a leader in the industry, dedicated to enhancing the athletic experience through premium apparel and innovative fundraising solutions.

Value to Athletic Program Budget:
Partnering with Major Prep Apparel offers significant financial benefits for your school’s athletic program. Through their innovative school store fundraisers, each sport can generate additional revenue, which can be reinvested into the program. This model not only supports the budget but also fosters a sense of ownership and pride among athletes, parents, and supporters.

Luxury Apparel:
Major Prep Apparel stands out with its luxury athleisure line, providing your athletes with top-tier sportswear that combines functionality, comfort, and style. The superior quality of the apparel ensures durability and performance, allowing athletes to train and compete at their best. This luxury branding aligns with the school’s commitment to excellence, making a positive statement about the program’s standards.

Custom Mock-Ups for All Sports:
One of the key offerings of Major Prep is their ability to deliver custom mock-ups for all sports. This ensures that each team has a unique and professional look that reflects the school’s identity and values. Custom designs contribute to a cohesive and unified appearance across all athletic teams, promoting school spirit and pride.

Enhancing Athletic Program Culture:
By integrating Major Prep Apparel into your athletic program, you enhance the overall culture of the department. The luxury and customization of the gear foster a professional atmosphere, motivating athletes to perform at their highest level. The consistent, high-quality branding across all sports teams reinforces a strong, unified school identity, which can boost morale and encourage greater community support and engagement.

Fundraising Through School Stores:
Major Prep also provides an excellent fundraising opportunity through school stores dedicated to each sport. These stores sell customized apparel and merchandise, generating funds that directly benefit the respective teams. This not only aids in financial support but also engages the community and creates a platform for fans to show their support through branded gear.

Major Prep Apparel offers a comprehensive solution that enhances both the financial and cultural aspects of your school’s athletic program. Their commitment to luxury, customization, and innovative fundraising positions your program for success, fostering a professional and inspiring environment for athletes, coaches, and supporters alike.

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Team Order Packages

Major Package: $125

- Team Traveling Suit (Jacket & Pants)

- Team Socks

Elite: $175

- Team Travel Suit

- Team Short Sleeve Shirt

- MP Socks

Deluxe Package: $225

- Team Travel Suit

- MP Socks

 - Team Short Sleeve Shirt

- Team Hoodie

Al A Carte Options:

Al A Carte Options:

Player "Training For Triumph" Leadership Book 25$ & many more options available upon request.

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*Team Bulk orders are 12 or more per item. *Turnaround time: 4-6 Weeks. *Half Price Deposit Must Be Paid Before Processing. *Order form will be provided *Shipping is a flat $350 Rate

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